Malachi 4:6

     “And He shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers”

Simply my life as a son, and father.  What it (sonship)  means to me, and the Bible says about it.  I welcome you to a journey of mixed topics, some serious, some comical, and a lot of political incorrectness.  I hope you enjoy the ride. 


“When God chose to reveal Himself to the world, He sent a Son” 

  1. WAYNE!! It’s about time!

    Once you are settled in, I’ll show you the ropes to blogging! (If you need my help, that is…)

    Love ya, bud.


  2. PS:

    Stop by http://www.thefatherhoodofgod.org. It’s my official blog on the Fatherhood of God. I would welcome your input and comments.

  3. […] Mal46: the blog of Florida Wayne Haines.  I’ll see ya there, I’m sure. […]

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